Hello all.
This little site is dedicated to HYIP’s i tried and trying myself. If you read this, I gues you already know, what a HYIP is. – If not, try this link on wikipedia. 😉

Please make sure, you read the little Warning Popup you should have seen as you entered this site. If not, click here. – I mean it, HYIP’s are dangerous. And it’s quite easy to loose everything you “invest”! Why I write it in Quotes? – HYIP Programs look more like a Gambling and not a serious investment. However you can make money with some. But the most are just scam and take everything you have.

The provided information are all collected manually, as I invest / withdraw / deposit. Nothing is done automatically like the most HYIP Monitor Pages do. Therefore I won’t provide Information about all of millions of HYIP Sites that exist. Just the one, i try by myself.

If you think these information useful, you can register and invest at the different HYIP Sites by clicking on my referrer-Link. – But only if you really want to invest in these Sites.

Featured programs I like and that pay

>> Invest 2 Rich

a href=”https://www.invest2rich.com/?refid=malzic1234″>Invest 2 Rich (invest2rich.com) started March 2016 – for a HYIP a dinosaur.. They have a few of investment plans, from 0,3% daily for “lifetime” to 180% after one day, and a lot in between. For now I try a small investment “for lifetime” – and see how it goes.
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Online since 2018-03
Monitoring since 2018-05-17
Last Payout 2018-09-29 13:20:13
Invested Money $85.00
Withdrawn Money: $32.63 (ROI: 38%)

>> Intex International – Paying and Working

intexfund.com started 21st of may, 2018, so Brand New. They have a few of investment plans, from 2,2% daily for 50 days to 200% after 10 Days. The payment is done instantly.
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Online since 2018-05-21
Monitoring since 2018-05-25
Last Payout 2018-09-29 11:59:48
Invested Money $40.00
Withdrawn Money: $40.30 (ROI: 100%)

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