Don’t invest anymore, they stopped!

invested, stopped.

HowellBit started 20th of December 2017. They have a large number of different investment plans. From daily earnings to after plans of 25 days. I investest for now in this long after payment plan, so my first payout is expected to be 2018-06-07, which means I don’t know for now, if they pay of not. But the summits I read was not too bad.

pro con
  • no problems accessing the site
  • clean and understandble design.
  • interests you get are quite high (upto 1175% after 25 days, 255% after one day) – the chance are high, they will collapse not too far in the future.
Monitoring since 2018-05-12 Online since



~ 2018-05

Invested Plans:

  • 1175% after 25 days
Invested Money $50.00 Last Payout (next expected: 2018-06-07)
Withdrawn Money: $ (ROI: 0%) Last Investment 2018-05-12 13:38:16

Detailed Statements

Date Type Value Comment
2018-05-12 13:38:16 Deposit $ 50.00 Deposit, ID: 69985XXX

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